The ATL Hawks’ 94 to Lakers 99 win was overshadowed by the injury to LeBron James after he was on the court for 11 minutes scoring 10 points. Collins to scored for the Hawks with 27 points whilst for the Lakers Harrell had 23. This is not good news for the team from LA as Anthony Davis is also out due to health concerns.

Usually when someone uses the word indefinitely they do not want to get you the fan’s hopes up. But I will try to make sense out of it all for you. The fact is LeBron is 34 years old. So his body heals a hell of a lot slower than a 20 year old rookie from college. Sprains occur when the tendon(read the day of the quad)stretches due to a twisting motion in this example of the foot. From the footage above the type of sprain is an eversion sprain. Small to mild sprains usually take 4 weeks to heal. Bigger ones take 3 months or more.

Types of Sprains

Most important, blood flow should be normal to the sprained area. Make sure you head to the hospital if some weird coloration starts developing in that area. Oh, and the ATL have now eon 8 straight games and are 5th in the Eastern Conference.🙅.