One of the most common injuries in high impact sports is the hamstring injury particularly in running,soccer and basketball. Son HEUNG-MIN who is Spurs’ most valuable player beside Kane went down clutching the back of his leg in last weekend’s north London derby against Arsenal. The word string does not aptly describe this part of the leg. It is actually an aggregation of muscles that run along the thigh which serve to allow your knee to bend. When you overload those muscles that is when the strain or tear happens.

Rear view of man’s leg muscles with hamstring muscle names identified

Now,contrary to popular belief not all hamstring strains are painful.Some are innocuous enough to leave you unable to walk properly let alone run. The best forms of treatment are ,one ,ice the leg for 3 days for 30 minutes every 3 hours.Two, tie the leg with bandage to avoid swelling whilst avoiding exerting pressure on it for the max amount of time. Don’t forget your trusty neighborhood pain pills from your pharm or doc(gotcha where else would you get em 🤔).Prevention is always better than the cure of course. Make sure before the match you stretch and warm up on time adequately.If you feel a tingling in the back of the thigh stop exercising ASAP.In cold weather always stretch and strengthen the hamstring.How long will Son be out for? A small strain will take about 4 to 8 weeks to heal. A large tear will take 3 months. Son’s looks more on the non red , category so Tottenham fans should expect him from end of April. Hopefully he does not .iss the big final against City🤞.