Primoz Roglic the cyclist from Slovenia agonizingly lost out on Paris-Nice last week after crashing twice in the final eight stage. He had held a commanding 52 second lead going into it. The second crash occurred after he suffered a mechanical fault on his bike which had slowed him down significantly. The question I am putting out there for this week is, in the spirit of competition should the leading peloton be mandated to stop in the event that a rider in the top 10 of the classification suffers a crash? At the present time, riders are not mandated to stop or slow down if one rider crashes but it is considered gentlemanly and sportsman-like to do so. Being the final stage, I cannot blame Max Schachmann for not slowing down as he had glory well within his grasp. Crashes are by their nature very tricky. It could be caused by carelessness or just faulty equipment. So to say riders have to stop when clearly it was the crashed rider’s responsibility to check his stuff would be most unfair. In Formula 1, a faulty car does not stop the race as it is difficult to measure mechanical ability so as to equalize every competitor in a race. Different teams have different capabilities. On the other hand crashes could be caused by an Act of God, maybe a streaker runs in front of a rider(Do not laugh its plausible) or a accidental collision within a bunch