Phoenix maintained their impressive season with a crashing 122-99 win over Memphis. What impressed me the most about the Suns was their almost perfect free throw shooting. They shot an amazing 88% on free throws,showing they practice them a lot. Teams tend to neglect that part of the ball game. Those single points count. Devin Booker got 30 points for the Suns whilst Jonas got 24 points for the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies impressed with their passing ability.Watch the sequence of passes at 23-20 first quarter. In the end Memphis faded away as the turnover rate went up against them.Suns are second in the West behind Utah and ahead of the Lakers. Memphis still within reach of the playoffs at 10th.

Eastern Conference
1Philadelphia 76ers27120.69220-66-217-310-92-18-2W 5
2Brooklyn Nets27130.6750.514-95-216-611-72-29-1W 5
3Milwaukee Bucks25140.641215-78-015-510-90-09-1W 4
4Miami Heat21180.538612-125-411-810-100-39-1W 4
5Boston Celtics20180.5266.514-113-512-58-130-16-4W 1
6Charlotte Hornets20180.5266.511-95-112-88-101-07-3W 4
7New York Knicks20200.5007.513-121-411-79-130-06-4L 1
8Atlanta Hawks19200.487813-123-310-99-111-17-3W 5
9Chicago Bulls17200.45998-102-28-139-72-15-5W 1
10Indiana Pacers17210.4479.510-114-27-1110-103-13-7L 1
11Toronto Raptors17220.4361012-143-58-99-130-03-7L 5
12Cleveland Cavaliers14240.36812.510-112-59-105-143-04-6L 3
13Washington Wizards14240.36812.55-171-67-137-111-03-7L 4
14Orlando Magic13260.333149-154-48-135-130-12-8L 8
15Detroit Pistons10290.256177-170-76-114-181-32-8L 4
Western Conference
1Utah Jazz28100.73713-63-216-212-80-15-5L 1
2Phoenix Suns26120.684217-74-213-713-50-38-2W 1
3Los Angeles Lakers26130.6672.518-82-412-814-53-14-6W 2
4LA Clippers26150.6343.516-86-213-613-90-04-6W 1
5Denver Nuggets23160.5905.514-107-110-813-82-27-3W 1
6Portland Trail Blazers22160.579612-113-411-711-91-04-6L 1
7San Antonio Spurs20160.556712-144-610-1010-61-15-5W 1
8Dallas Mavericks20180.526811-125-110-910-91-07-3L 1
9Golden State Warriors20200.500910-123-613-77-131-04-6L 1
10Memphis Grizzlies17190.472108-133-58-129-71-04-6L 3
11New Orleans Pelicans17220.43611.59-144-312-105-121-15-5W 2
12Oklahoma City Thunder17220.43611.59-162-68-129-101-26-4W 1
13Sacramento Kings15240.38513.58-113-49-126-121-03-7L 2
14Houston Rockets11260.29716.58-134-55-116-150-10-10L 16
15Minnesota Timberwolves9300.23119.56-163-55-144-160-32-8W 1