The night of the eye poke of doom. Edwards won by a no contest on Sunday Night in somewhat controversial fashion.The bout began with both fighters sizing each other up . But Leon Edwards grabbed the initiative landing a volley of punches and kicks with Muhammad’s back to the fence. Belal Muhammad decided his best defense will be to press Leon to the Octagon wall to try to get some respite.Leon’s strike rate soared above Belal’s by a ratio of almost three to one. Referee briefly stopped the fight with a minute and 20 of the round to go after seemingly an eye poke on Belal by Leon. This welterweight bout took a controversial turn just when the second round was starting. Leon went for a left punch and left kick combo on Belal. If you look closely Leon did not fist up his hand and ended up poking Belal’s right eye again. This left Belal sprawling on the mat, his eye swollen like a Gremlin’s eye. Efforts to patch up the distraught Belal by the docs were not successful. Edwards won this one but this is one of the most tainted victories in a long time in UFC and he cannot be possibly be happy with this one. It may have been accidental, the eye poke, but Leon should improve his punches and fist up is hand more to avoid the same from happening. I totally dislike an unsafe fighter.