Two things stood out for me in this match. One, both sides were equally as bad. Why I say this? No team took this game by the scruff of the neck. Secondly, Arsenal do not suffer from lack of talent. They suffer from lack of concentration. Just look at how badly they played the last 10 minutes of this game against ten man. Giving the ball away in crucial areas, not finding the man with a simple pass. I am still trying to wrap my head around the Lamela goal. How on earth is that kind of goal still being scored in this day and age? If I was Arteta I would be steaming at the stand offish defending that led to the goal. I am not trying to be over critical of Arsenal here, after all for you to have collected three points it means you must have done something right up top. Odegaard’s goal showed this, a well worked goal starting from Tierney. Smith Rowe justified the selection with a masterful performance. Davison Sanchez’s late tackle on Lacazette gave away the penalty. Loris was there to cover, was there to cover,was there a need for the tackle? Pundits and commentators alike seem to think the ref was overly harsh on Lamela on the second yellow card. Look at the distance that Tierney was when Lamela put his hand on his face you will see that the ref got this one spot on. Spurs’s top 4 hopes fading. Jose could go full throttle on the Europa League to salvage the season.