The Lakers found inspiration in the form of Kyle Kuzma who led them to victory 105-100 with an inspiring display. His 24 points and monster 13 rebounds. The Pacers were more than a match for the Lakers with point guard Malcom Bogdon scoring 29 points and was instrumental in the first quarter in which Indiana bested the Lakers. His three point shooting was on point. Just watch the dribble with 3:24 of the quarter remaining. Lakers were behind for most of the match until the final quarter.They cranked up the field goal scoring then led by Montrezl Harrell. The Pacers gave far too many turnovers in the 4th and were made to pay dearly. Kuzma was like a man possessed as the Lakers got 34 points in the 4th alone to turn the match on its head. Pacers are tenth in the Eastern Conference with the Lakers third in the West with a win percentage of 0.658