This segment that I am introducing was spurred on by a friend of mine who sent me the link to the tape below. My friend is a fan of German football and watched the encounter below between Arminia Bielefeld and Werder Bremen. Now the incident that caught his eye was the red card shown to number 15 Nathan De Medina. Ref had given an initial yellow card for the offense and keep in mind the ref has real time view of things. Now, everything looks awful in slow motion if you know what I mean so the VAR ref tells the on-field one to have a look on the monitor. ALAS the card is changed to red upon review. What I would like to know is this. My friend seems to think the fact that the VAR ref tells the pitch ref to have a second look, that in itself is influencing his or her decision. He says it is similar to him giving me an easy math problem right, then telling me that I might have to rethink my answer. My brain immediately sends signals that I have done something wrong so i redo the math , this time possibly getting the incorrect answer.. So what do you think? Is it necessary to have the ref review yellow card decisions given that the onfield ref has a bird’s eye view of proceedings?Is it not prudent to only have VAR check on whether its a foul or not and end there?