Last night could be the very last champions league game for Messi in a Barcelona shirt.Yes there was a time when the 4-1 first leg deficit was meat and drink for a Barca team in many a season past but this is a side in transition and aging as well. Ronald Koeman to be fair had his tactics spot on. He attacked PSG with almost reckless abandon which is what is needed to overturn such a deficit. The side of Catalunya were unlucky in my opinion to only score the one goal. Well, when you are down count on the ref to kick you right in the nuts for good measure. The penalty was again keeping with the lousy refereeing this season. Maybe the VAR ref saw a ghost clipping Icardi’s heel. Maybe the Parc ded Princes is haunted? I love the sneaky smile from the Argentine, you bet he knew. If this is to be his last Champions League game inthe famous shirt, at least Messi bowed out in style. One of the all time great Champions League goals, just watch and admire. It is a pity it was all in vain.