Pep must be wondering how on earth he can beat Ole at Etihad. The Norwegian now has won 3 straight games at the home of the incoming champions. His formula of counter attacking with speed seems to be the only way to stop the juggernaut that is MANCHESTER CITY. The penalty for Bruno Fernandes was the third fastest derby goal of all time. Luke Shaw was at his consistent best throughout the match. One player who disappeared in this match was Kevin De Bryune. He had a poor match by his lofty standards.The defending from the Red Devils was sublime. Maguire and Lindelof looked almost comfortable the whole game which has not been heard of against City. Now lets analyze the goals

For starters I have never felt comfortable with number nines defending especially against speedy forwards. That is why Jesus seemed to panic when Martial was wiggling through on goal. The penalty was not the BEST by Bruno by any stretch but they say the most beautiful penalty is the one that ends nestling in the net. If I was David De Gea and I am sitting watching the goal by Luke Shaw I would be worried. Not for the negative reasons you might think but because of the way Dean Henderson saw the opportunity for going over the press from City and throw the ball towards Shaw. The Spaniard rarely throws the ball but likes to pass the ball out usually with bad consequences. Now if I was a coach and comparing Dean’s performance and David’s in the last few months the decision for the number one shirt will be a no brainer. United showed patience and ability to absorb pressure therefore deserve every single one of their three points. It might be too late to wrestle the title from City but yesterday afternoon they showed the world how to beat the “best team” in the world.