Not even the return of Fabinho and Jota could jolt Liverpool back to winning ways at Anfield. They lost to Mason Mount goal three minutes before half time.This is their eighth defeat of the campaign, they only lost three times last season. So impotent in front of goal, they only managed one shot on target the whole game. Timo Werner was in red hot form and was unlucky not to have put Chelsea in front when he only just failed to beat the offside on 32 minutes. His pace troubled the center back partnership of Fabinho and Kabak. I want us to look at the shape of the Liverpool defense in the build up to the goal. Look at Alexander-Arnold. Why on earth he thought covering that part of the defense, when Fabinho had it covered is anyone’s guess. Call it right back’s instinct to come back to the default position?Through the match Liverpool were susceptible to the counter attack, Werner(who I think had his best game in a Chelsea shirt by the way, and it is ironic I say this because he did not find the back of the net) was thwarted by a great save by the Allison in the second half.