The Phoenix Suns are above the Lakers in the Western Conference Standings thanks to a 114-104 win on the road at the Staples center. Like the Lakers, Phoenix’s form on the road has been lets just say not great by good. They are 12-5 away from home which is fifth best in the NBA right now. Lakers over relied on LeBron for the points, he scored 38 points a game. The next top scorer was Dennis Schroder with 19 points. The absence of Anthony Davis felt sorely. The Suns’ scoring was evenly spread out. Saric topped with 21, then Bridges 19,Booker and Ayton 17, Crowder 15. The play of the day. First quarter with 6-:48 on the clock. LeBron blocks and steals the ball mid air from DeAndre Ayton, hurting himself in process. Talk about sacrificing for your team. Three pointers were the Suns forte, shooting 16/29 to the Lakers’ 11/31. From the first quarter lead of 29 to 21, the Suns had a lead they would bot relinquish. Lakers were strongest shooting in the paint 50-36.