This five round bout went the distance. Jaizinho Rozenstruik’s kickboxing background failed to inspire him to victory over Frenchmen Ciryl Gane. The bout was off to a slow start with the only major event being a takedown by Gane right at the end of it. The second saw Jairzinho rocked by jabs, Gane taking advantage of his longer reach. With 2:16 left of the round to go, we can see Jairzinho complaining about a strike by Gane, pointing to his nose. On second glance it looked like a finger poke which is fighting dirty but I do not think it was deliberate. That must have wound up the Surinamese fighter Jairzinho who went on a ruthless offensive, attempting a takedown but was thwarted by the brave defense of Gane. Key to the victory by Gane was his high success on strikes, attempting over 200 and landing 63% to Jairzinho’s 111 attempts and landing 44%. Take a look at the combination of strikes in the fifth and final round with 4:30 to go. Because he has such a big reach, Gane could strike combinations such as the jab and kick leaving Jairzinho unable to react quickly. Gane is now 8-0-0 after this victory.