I got to be honest with you, I watched this match even though both sides lie outside the top half of the log knowing the game that follows this one( Atletico vs Chelsea) was likely to lack goals and I was right. Leeds pummeled the struggling Saints thanks to goals from what I think are their three best players, Bamford, Dallas and Raphinha. Have you ever heard of a 3-3-4 formation in soccer? You have now thanks to senor Marcelo Bielsa. That is how Leeds lined up against Southampton in an attacking formation that is rarely used in the Premiership. The risky formation may have paid off in terms of the result but not without some heart in mouth moments. The formation exposes the wings as well as the defensive midfield error, the risk of being overrun in those areas is there. Tella exposed the right wing of Leeds resulting in a penalty award to Southampton. VAR overruled the ref here saying no contact was made, but there was contact. The least the VAR ref could have done was to advise the on field REF TO HAVE A LOOK AT THE MONITOR so he makes the decision on his own. VAR IS NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE DECISION POWERS AWAY FROM THE ON-FIELD REF. Another thing if Tella has dived, why was he not issues a yellow card for simulation?

In the same half after that incident Raphinha was put through at the half way line in his own half, ran with the ball into the Saints’ box was hacked down by Spaniard Romeu. No penalty. The right foot of Romeu caught Raphinha on the heel even though Romeu left foot got a slight touch of the ball. If that challenge was anywhere on the pitch besides the box that is a free kick, is that not so?Bamford’s tidy finish was typical of the striker, finds space, makes up for lack of pace with accuracy. For me he is a great alternative to Harry Kane if I was Gareth Southgate.Dallas’s left foot volley and Raphinha’s free kick put the matter to bed. Southampton in a free fall which Ralph Hassenhutl should arrest ASAP if he is to survive the chop.