Look, I do not understand the logic of making a team play away in the so called “home” games. I understand there is a pandemic and there are travel restrictions in certain countries. But it just seems unsporting to make from Spain play a “home” game in Romania. I mean what happened to home town advantage? Back to matters on the field, Chelsea probably played their best all round game all season in winning against the La Liga leaders. Olivier Giroud’s classy overhead kick sealed the “away” win for the Blues. But not without controversy though. Giroud from my eagle’s perch seemed miles off side when the goal was scored and the linesman rightly flagged so. I do not know what VAR ref was smoking but it sure knocked the hell out of his eye sight. When VAR cannot pick those obvious plays out then the game is in trouble, its better to go back to back pass age. This however does not take away a great performance by Chelsea. The VAR ref will tell you the last touch before Giroud got to the ball was from an Atleti player. I dont think so.

3-5-2 seems to suit Chelsea well. The defense marshaled by Rudiger and Christensen held firm against a formidable threat of Suarez and Felix. Mendy almost made a Kepa like error in the second minute, mis-controlling a back pass which was almost intercepted by Correa. Correa was honest enough to stay on his feet but most strikers these day would have gone to the deck prompt upon the challenge and with VAR around the penalty would have been given. Atleti were restricted to no shots on target the whole game and thats disappointing from their point of view. The Blues beat Atleti in every single aspect of the game last night and the Rojiblancos need to get their heads out of the gutter for the trip to London. I have asked a lot of Chelsea fans about who the best forward for Chelsea is. It is almost unanimous that Giroud comes tops. Why they say? He is a threat aerially, with his foot and defending as well than say Werner or Tammy Abrahams. The only weakness with Giroud is that he does not score enough. But so does Werner and Abraham. Will Tuchel keep faith in him as opposed to playing the younger Timo and Tammy? Time will tell.