A disappointing finish to what other wise would have been a duel for the ages. Drew McIntyre had eliminated his friend Sheamus from the chamber match. We now had Drew and AJ Styles left in the contest for the WWE title. This is going to be good, I said. Think I again. WWE ended it in a matter of 10 seconds, a Claymore by the Champ from AJ’s attempt at a Phenomenal forearm ended the Chamber match. I know these shows are Pay Per view timed, so maybe WWE ran out of time. So maybe I am being to hard on the show writer. So lets let this one pass for selling AJ short. The finish to the show more than made up for this. The Miz cashing Money in the Bank after Lashley obliterated Drew was 10/10 for creativity. Its like they read my post from last month after the Rumble when I said it was time to give Lashley the push he deserved.

Giving Sasha Banks the Reginald-infatuation angle was also a great idea. Sasha had gone bland and boring. She needs an exciting story-line to get her back to being one of the most watched women’s wrestlers again. I do not think pairing her with Bianca Belair works though. It is like getting the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin into a tag team, both great singles competitors but I do not think the tag team chemistry is there. Roman Reigns’ heel turn was a God send. He is another wrestler who had become quite stale from his baby face persona. The head of the table defended successfully against Daniel Bryan who had won the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match earlier in the night. Roman Reigns VS Edge looks like the main event at Wrestlemania given what happened with Drew. Drew could be on his way to face the Miz and Lashley at the super bowl of pro wrestling.