This was a main event in the Bantamweight division which too place on Sunday Night. The bout started with Brazilian Ketlen Viera’s take down attempt on Russia’s Yana Kunitskaya. This was one of eight take down attempts by Ketlen for the bout with a success rate of just 38%. Yana used the cage to her advantage, grabbing hold of it to counter the take downs. The mat can either be your friend or your enemy depending on how good you are down there. In the case of this match,well, lets just say Viera needs to polish up a bit. Even though Ketlen took down Yana, it was Yana who looked on top despite her being pinned to the mat. In the second round, Yana went straight on the offense from the get go. I will give credit to Ketlen for the leg submission counter but for that hold to work she has to make sure the opponents’s other foot is pinned beneath her body to immobilize it. Yana is a clever fighter. She knew the offense of Ketlen(the take down) and countered by staying close to the edge of the octagon cage and get leverage to overturn the holds on the mat. Her strike rate of 215 successes out of 247 tell the whole story. She crushed Ketlen. The ref should have stopped the fight for a TKO after Yana busted open Ketlen with literally 10 seconds of the fight to go but hey a win is a win right?