In basketball it is those moments that count. In this match when Patrick Beverly scored the lay up for the first points for the Clippers and mugged Donovan Mitchell of the ball to score score another those four points proved to be the difference in the Clippers’ victory 116-112. I have seen teams take it easy in the first couple of minutes defensively in games. Defense starts from the first whistle. Kawhi Leonard led the Clippers’ scoring chart with 29 points and 5 rebounds. Patrick Beverley who started the match like he meant business had a useful 17 points. To beat the Jazz you simply have to match their 3- point shooting stat which the Clippers did ,so surprise surprise they won the match. Both had 33% from outside the 3- point line. Don Mitchell had 35 points ably assisted by the evergreen Bojan Bogdanovic with 23. But they had two players who failed to score Royce O’Neale who had 37 minutes to find the basket but could not. Georges Niang who had only 10 minutes so can be excused.