In this unofficial NBA championship match, the Jazz underlined their status as the team to beat in the post season. The East’s undisputed number one Philly took on the West’s top team at the moment Utah. After a dominant first quarter led by the irrepressible Ben Simmons(42 points),the Sixers came undone in the second. Don Mitchell(24 points) and Jordan Clarkson(40)led the way for the Jazz especially from 3 pointers. A measly 23 3- pointer attempts proved Philly’s undoing. Match this with Utah’s 45 attempts you could see that those guys who came up with the old adage,”if you do not buy a lottery ticket you will never win the jackpot” were not such idiots after all. The points tally spread for the Sixers was heavily skewed. In addition to Simmons, only Tobias Harris scored above 15 points showing the heavy burden they carry for their team.

The “trick to defending 3- pointers is to close down the shooter quickly enough so that he is forced to make a hasty pass which may lead to a turnover of the ball. The Sixers did this to some degree but not as often enough.