The Thunder would be gutted to have lost this one. They gave LeBron’s Lakers a good run for their money with impressive display by point guard Shai Golgeous-Alexander who out scored King James 29-28 with similar minutes played 42 and 43 respectively. LeBron was a colossus in defense with 14 rebounds but again he was eclipsed by Darius Bazley for Oklahoma CIty. So what made the difference for the Lakers, you are asking?The two sides were neck and neck in every stat there is except for one. The Thunder were in foul trouble more times than the Lakers,23-19. So from free throws the Lakers had more chances, 29 to be exact with 22 lending in the basket. The Thunder scoring just 14 from their 19 attempts. The Lakers are not done yet Utah. I am loving this dual for top spot in the Western Conference.