On paper this one looked a foregone conclusion even before the game was played. I am glad I stayed up to watch this one resisting the temptation to write off Celta. 2-2 was the fairest result for two almost evenly matched teams. The first goal for Celta came after only 13 minutes from Santi Mina. A lesson for the young players watching on center forward play. Keep your eye on the ball, even when there is a player in front of you, and do not assume he will get to the ball first.Great cross from Mallo. Celta deserved the lead as they were determined to play on the front foot the whole game. Atleti’s best player, Luis Suarez was a menace in attack coming from the left flank. He found the equalizer on the stroke of half time with a classic poachers’ finish. The goal had a lot of similarities to the Santi Mina goal but the only difference was he finished with his foot rather than the head.1-1 at half time.

Atletico are probably the best team in the world playing without the ball. Diego Simeone has them well drilled in defense and midfield such that they can transition from defense to attack in a heart beat. Suarez got his second goal of the match following the same MO as the previous 2 goals.Alert to the possibilities, the Uruguayan lost his marker to prod home from a cross by Brazilian left back Lodi on 50 minutes.From there the home side looked on course to extend their lead atop La Liga to 10 points ahead of FC Barcelona. Although Celta had the majority of possession, Atleti were not in any particular discomfort. On 89 minutes the unthinkable happened. Guess what was the MO for the fourth goal of the match. You guessed it a cross from the flank finished off by the forward.This time substitute Facundo finishing a cross by another Celta sub Augusto Solari. It was a night to forget by the full backs of either side.